Due to the evolution and exponential increase of the confirmed cases of COVID-19, especially in the state of São Paulo, we decided to postpone the 6th edition of APIX to March 1st and 2nd, 2021.
This decision was made in order to preserve the health and well-being of APIX participants, our employees and partners, enhancing our commitment to the safety of all involved in the organization and holding of an event of this magnitude. 

The Modern Integration Era

Ensure your participation in the largest event dedicated to APIs in the Americas

March 1st  – Workshop

March 2nd – Conference

Address: WTC Events Center

Av. Nações Unidas

Brooklin Paulista , São Paulo – SP – Brazil

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Actual cases from Brazil and abroad to share API trends.

Five reasons to join APIX:

  • The largest event in Latin America and the 2nd largest in the world specially edicated to APIs.
  • See in practice how companies have enabled business API strategies;
  • Real and current cases;
  • Find out how APIs can connect your business with digital strategy.
  • Exclusive content dedicated to the elements of Full Lifecycle API Management;

March 1st

APIX Marathon: 4 Workshop tracks

March 2nd

3 simultaneous tracks with strategic and technical content

The first promotional sale is now available, enjoy!

WORKSHOP - March 1st

1st Wave - Closing: 08.31
R$ 542
  • Access to the first day of the event with 4 Hands-on Workshop tracks
  • Lunch
  • Certificate of participation

R$ 652,20

Opening: 09.01 – Closing: 11.30

R$ 762,20

Opening: 12.01 – Closing: 02.28

CONFERENCE - March 2nd

1st Wave - Closign: 08.31
R$ 792
  • 3 simultaneous tracks with strategic and technical content
  • National and international speakers
  • Showfloor
  • Lunch
  • Cocktail + Free Beer
  • Certificate of participation

R$ 892,20

Opening: 09.01 – Closing: 11.30

R$ 1.122,20

Opening: 12.01 – Closing: 02.28

WORKSHOP + CONFERENCE - March 1st & 2nd

1st Wave - Closing: 08.31
R$ 992
  • Free access to all the benefits of the WORKSHOP + CONFERENCE ticket

R$ 1.122,20

Opening: 09.01 – Closing: 11.30

R$ 1.222,20

Opening: 01.12 – Closing: 02.28


Do you have any questions? Maybe you can find the answer here.

What is APIX?

The API Experience is an event entirely dedicated to APIs, from design to running and scale, and Digital Business models. At the 6th edition, APIX is the largest event focused on APIs in Americas, and the 2nd largest in the world. For the 2020 edition, we are expecting over 1000 attendees from major international companies. API Experience is one of the most important events in the world related to APIs, it’s the perfect place to match your business strategies with ecosystems.

Who performs APIX?

APIX’s is realized by Sensedia, an API expert and API Platform provider. Recognized as Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and a Leader in Forrester Wave for APIs Strategy and Delivery Services.

Sensedia provides robust and secure API Platform and Professional Services for digital strategies, transforming traditional businesses into digital businesses through Open Innovation, Digital Experiences, and Partner Integrations. We also offer a range of API services, from strategy to operation.

Since 2007, he has helped companies around the world develop their API-based digital strategies, and has enabled Digital Platforms that revolutionize business by combining technology with strong knowledge of API Strategies. Sensedia today serves more than 100 companies to define and implement strategies. Focused APIs.

Why should I join APIX?

APIX is intended for everyone who is involved in technology and digital transformation, from developers to executives. We have technical content about APIs and Architecture, as well as Business content, such as strategies and market trends.

Where does it happen and when does it happen?

Location: WTC Events Center

Address: Nações Unidas Avenue, 12551 – Brooklin Novo, Sao Paulo

APIX is made up of two separate days, so pay attention to what type of ticket you will get:

→ First day of the event – March 1st, 2021: exclusively for the Workshop

→ Second day of the event – March 2nd, 2021: Intended exclusively for lectures

What is APIX like?

APIX is a complete event, as we have two days devoted to subjects that address the entire API lifecycle, from Design to Exposure through secure and scalable mechanisms. In addition to bringing specialists to present real cases that drive business growth in Brazil and worldwide.

Day 1 – March 1st, we will hold a hand-on workshop that will consist of up to 4 content tracks, which will address some of the following topics:

→ Service Mesh and Microservices

→ API Platform and Governance

→ Developer Experience and Open APIs

→ Modern Integrations with Event Driven Architecture

Day 2 – which will take place on March 2nd, we will have a day dedicated exclusively to speakers with professionals from large companies and Sensedia experts who will bring technical and strategic cases that talk about stories and challenges overcome in the digital journey, as well as the trends of the market as: regulations, new business models and new journeys of experiences.

All this content is brought by leading professionals from around the world, we have had professionals from Forrester, Twilio, BBVA, Fitbit, Github, Bayer, Bancolombia, Natura, Cielo, Sulamérica, Elo and many other companies that are at the forefront of the transformation. digital.

What is the Workshop?

The Workshop is a manual training in the mass that will approach the entire life cycle of an API, make Design to the exhibition. Our experts guide all participants in building a solution used in the APIs. In the 6th edition of APIX, we will bring up to 4 content tracks, which will address some of the following topics:

→ Service Mesh and Microservices

→ API Platform and Governance

→ Developer experience and open APIs

→ Modern integrations with Event-Oriented Architecture

Who the Workshop is for

Developers and Architects (all levels) as well as IT Coordinators and Managers, who have knowledge in some programming language, such as: Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS. In addition, we also ask:

– Knowledge of applications using command line;

– Text editor (Sublime, Visual Code, Atom, …);

– REST client (Postman or Insomina – Recommended);

– Browser that supports HTML5

– Linux operating system (preferably)

– GIT client (Github)

In addition, it is also recommended, but not mandatory:

– APIs: design, consumption, security, etc .;

– Basic concepts of microservices;

– Basic concepts of messaging;

– Basic concepts of SQL database;

– Basic concepts of the ELK stack;

– Knowledge of virtualization;

– Knowledge of Docker.

What are the types of tickets?

→ Day 1 – Workshop (03/01): Access granted only on the first day of the event, March 1st, 2021 – Wednesday, dedicated to the hands-on workshop, if you are attending this day remember to read about the prerequisites.

→ 2nd Day – Lectures (03/02): Access released only on the second day of the event, March 2nd, 2021 – Thursday.

→ Combo | Workshop + Lectures: free access to the two days of the event, March 1st and 2nd, 2021. Remember: Anyone who wants to attend the Workshop must pay attention to the prerequisites.

Can I change ownership of tickets?

Ownership exchanges may be held up to 03 business days prior to the start of the event, ie until Feb 23rd, 2021, and must be requested via email: apix@sensedia.com with subject [APIX] – Exchange of Ownership + Ticket Nº.

Can I change the ticket type?

Ticket exchanges (upgrade only) may be made up to 03 business days prior to the start of the event, ie until Feb 23rd, 2021, and must be requested via email: apix@sensedia.com with subject [APIX] – Change of Ownership + ticket Nº. Please note that the upgrade may only be Workshop or Lecture to Combo and are subject to availability as workshop spaces are limited.

What days should I attend?

→ If you want to attend the Workshop, you must attend the first day of the event, which will be held on 03/01/2021.

→ If you only want to attend the lectures, you must attend only the second day of the event, which will be held on 03/02/2021.

→ If you are interested in attending both days, you should attend the event on March 1st and 2nd. Remember: Anyone who wants to attend the Workshop must pay attention to the prerequisites.

I’m a customer of Sensedia, how do I go?

Contact the Business Developer responsible for your company.

It will be sent automatically within 15 business days after the event, in the email registered at the time of ticket purchase.

Reimbursement requests must be made directly at the ticket sales platform. The deadline for request is up to 07 business days prior to the event, ie until Feb 17th, 2021, after that date refund requests will be automatically reversed by ticket courtesy of the next edition of APIX

The event is held at the WTC Event Center, which has all the infrastructure to receive a large number of people. There is in the same complex a mall with several shops, pharmacies, food court and the like. Additionally, there is on-site parking and easy access to Uber / 99, as well as nearby train and subway stations.

Parking information, general infrastructure, how to get there, etc.

The place has parking for cars and motorcycles and will have a promotional value for participants of the event.

Contact apix@sensedia.com and we will answer any questions 🙂

Did not find the answer to the question? Contact us

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